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About Me

Hello and welcome to D.K.World-Photography .. My name is Dave and I am currently based in the Bishop Auckland area. Although I was born in London, from the age of 7, I was raised in Yorkshire and for the last 16 years have lived in the North East.


I am a self taught photographer having been doing photography since I was 11 years of age, Photography is not just a love, its my passion. Areas of photography I enjoy the most are Travel, Historical, and Landscapes.

When on my travels, whether day trip around the UK, a weekend away, or on my trips around Europe and Russia, I have 3 cameras, 2 of which I use regular Canon 7D and canon 70D


My website is named after my children, David and Kira, and since my divorce in 2010 I have dedicated my free time to travelling and my photography, and recently I went freelance as a travel photographer / writer. I also run a travel blog on our other site http://www.dkworld-photography.com/

Over the last couple of years, I have been lucky enough to visit countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Poland, to name some, but I do have a passion for Russia and the former soviet countries. These countries are not only full of history and beauty, that you just don't see in western Europe but the welcome you get from the locals, is simply the best I have encountered..


From the moment you arrive, you sense your in a different world, the welcome from people, the culture and the traditions, like nowhere else, scenery, so beautiful like in the The Urals in Russia, like you have never seen before, make visiting these contries a memorable and ever lasting trip of a life time.

I hope through this website, you will be inspired to visit these countries your self and witness first hand the beauty which these countries behold its visitor.

Cheap fares mean there has never been a better time to explore and I hope you will follow me on my travels and enjoy the many beautiful places I will be visiting ... Follow me on my dream .. of photograpying the world...

All pictures on this website are for sale ... Just drop me an email and we can discuss

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